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Download the S-55 product information PDF.

Proprietary S-55 Casing Information

"Specifically designed for Kansas operators to deliver the highest quality at the best value."

What does S-55 mean?

  • S = Sunrise Oilfield Supply
  • 55 = 55,000 PSI Minimum Yield

Manufactured by Domestic ERW mill to Sunrise specifications

  • Made from Domestic prime steel coils
  • Made to 55,000 minimum yield
  • Manufactured where no Martensite is present in the weld line area (Martensite - hardness in the weld line area)
  • Electromagnetic inspection of the weld line to secure quality weld
  • Wall thickness and Ovality tested
  • Sample windows cut for mill lab testing
  • Flattening (Crush) test
  • Chemical composition
  • Steel properties (Yield & Tensile)
  • Mill test reports for each heat number

Processed by Domestic threading facilities

  • Drifted and tested to API specifications after threaded and coupled
  • Couplings applied are API K55
  • Samples EMI inspected—100% white banded

Samples sent to third party lab for testing of:

  • Tensile properties (Yield & Tensile)
  • Chemical composition
  • Flattening (Crush)
  • Wall thickness
  • To confirm that no Martensite is present in weld line area
  • Rockwell hardness verification

Performance properties available


  • 5-1/2" 14# STC R3 and 5-1/2" 15.50# LTC R3
  • 4-1/2" 10.50# STC R3

Current stocking locations:

  • Ness City
  • Hay
  • El Dorado
  • Spivey
  • El Reno, OK

This is NOT reject API or Limited Service casing.

For further inquiries regarding this proprietary product, contact your Sunrise representative.