Sunrise Oilfield Supply is a member of the following organizations:


Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association


Eastern Kansas Oil & Gas Association


Colorado Oil & Gas Association

The Sunrise Way

At Sunrise Oilfield Supply we are, and will always be, your world-class oil fields solution provider. We’re dedicated to providing the most advanced methods for drilling and pumping in the oil patch — period. We not only promote, but insist all our employees have an intense knowledge about our products and the “can do” attitude that’s indicative of the midwest.

The Dawn of Sunrise

In 1979, Sunrise Oilfield Supply was founded with corporate headquarters located in Wichita, KS. From 1979 until 1994, Sunrise operated its distribution from Ness City and began expansion with an acquisition of the El Dorado, KS store. In 1996, Sunrise grew again when it opened a store in Garden City, KS. In 1998, the Spivey, KS location began operations and shortly thereafter McCook, NE began operations in 1999. In 2000, the Hugoton, KS location opened for business. In July, 2010, Sunrise opened a store in Hays, KS. In February 2014, Sunrise opened a store in Brighton, CO. followed by establishing a store in New Town, ND in September 2014 Sunrise moved their McCook operations to the brand new Trenton, NE store located near the scenic Swanson Lake to better serve area customers. Since its inception, Sunrise has established long-lasting relationships with its customers and will continue to build these relationships well into the 21st century.

We are an authorized distributor for the following quality manufacturers: Ameriforge, Anvil, Apollo Valve, Arrow Specialty Company, Baird Manufacturing, Baldor Motors, Balon Corporation, Beaumont Mfg, Bestorq, Best-o-life, BOOMERANG, Central Plastics, CNC Flow Control, Cook Pump Co., DonNan Pump, Double T Tanks, Eagle Mfg., Emerson-Fisher, Fiberglass and Composite Technologies (FACT), Fiberglass Systems/Star, Flexitallic, Gates, Genuine Jack Mfg., Gruv-lok, GTS Containment, Guiberson, Harbison Fischer, Hasco, Hess Tanks, Houston Oilfield, Equipment, JC Pump Co. LLC, JM Eagle, Joe's Hand Cleaner, Kimray, KBK Industries, KF - Hale Valves, LappinTech Stuffing Box Rubbers, Larkin Products, Lovejoy, Lowery Well Heads, Lufkin Industries, Mayco, McDonald Tank, Norriseal, Nowata, Filtration, O'Bannon Fishing Tools, Norris Sucker Rods, Permian Tank, Pollution Control Corporation, PolyMate Corporation, Precision Pump, Quality Connectionz, Quincy Compressors, Ridgid Tools, Rod Lift Consulting, Seal Tite, Lining Systems, Schlumberger Lift Solutions, Service Metal, Sioux Containment, Skinner Bros Company, Spears PVC, Star Fiberglass, Texas Flange, Texsteam Inc., Titan Flow Control, Unit Liner, USA Fastener, Fiberglass Tank Co., Waukesha , Pearce Industries, Weatherford Lift Systems, Weld Bend Inc., WellMark, Westbrook Mfg, Western Falcon, Wheatley Gaso Inc., WKM, WSI, Young Oil Tools